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"Kings" + Final Words

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don’t you want to know how this ends?

We only have each other
It’s just you and me
What are we gonna do?
Do you want to build a snowman?

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i.  We are way more than words on a screen. We are laughter we build day after day. Other times we are dark clouds waiting to burst. We are shared memories locked in a small device.

ii. You tell me Good morning when I bid you Good night—you say I love you when I tell you I’m sad.

iii. You are a folder in my phone. You are a pixelated name that sounds like a joke for most people but that in fact, means so much to me.

iv. You are the typos I laugh about.

v. Truth is, I miss you when I haven’t even met you. I laugh for you when I guess you’re happy and want to start a revolution when you let me know you’re sad.

vi. Friendship is such a fun concept. An endless circle of people and situations piled on each corner of your mind, that make you feel glad you’re alive. Many think it’s bullshit. I don’t.


I know that my mind is a giant mess—a cacophony of tears, of bursts of laughter, of unexplainable breakdowns at 2 in the morning—but I’m glad.

vii. I’m glad you’re part of it.


for lara, happy birthday ♥

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#dave franco’s reaction every time he looks in the mirror


Michael Pitt by Matt Holyoak for VELOUR magazine v.5,2012

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Be your own anchor.

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the lord of the rings triology