[1/5] favorite movies - Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

”A story like mine should never be told.”


 Luana Magalhães


Elle Fanning photographed by Cedric Buchet for Marie Claire, May 2014.

  Elle Fanning  
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It’s all I knew when I was a child.

a summary of game of thrones
ser jorah: khaleesi no
daenerys: KHALESSI YES
But we do have feelings. And don’t make the mistake of thinking we don’t.
"I sowed the seeds and watched them grow. Cultivated it. A long chain of events leading to this. All of this has been my design."

Next time, on Hannibal


Will: If you’re the Chesapeake Ripper and you know it, clap your hands.

Hannibal: [clap clap]

Jack: Don’t applaud his singing, Hannibal. You’ll only encourage him.

Phoebe Tonkin photographed by for Oyster Magazine


My psychologist gave me this today and I just really loved it.



"I remember when I first got together with Tim, he was talking about it, and saying he’d been marinating this idea of a musical. It was one of our talking points: 'We’ve got something in common, we both love Sweeney Todd!'"

-Helena Bonham Carter.

  helena bonham carter    amazin    tim burton  

I will not cringe for them.


no, it's not a guilty pleasure. why should i be embarrassed  about damn good music? 
fast-paced heart-thumping floor-vibrating-bassline songs for killing it on the dance floor under neon lights and dancing in pajamas at 3am in your bedroom.